Her-story: Nix Makes History with Colonial Country Club

Her-story: Nix Makes History with Colonial Country Club


Susan Nix is a household name at the Colonial Country Club due to her immense talent. While many showcase their talent on the golf course or tennis court, Susan’s talent shines in a different niche. Nix’s passion for volunteering and marketing expertise has been paramount to the success of the Colonial Golf Tournament for the last thirty-five years.


Nix initially dedicated her time as the Programs and Pairings chair on the Tournament Committee. This entailed distributing programs and pairing sheets at the Colonial. Recognizing her natural ability to connect with others and inspire action, the Colonial Country Club created a role uniquely for her, chairman of Interactive Marketing.


Up for the challenge, Nix continued to exceed expectations and has even made history. The Colonial Gold Tournament became the first PGA tournament to leverage digital marketing via blogs and Twitter.


“It really is a testimony to the Colonial how one of the oldest tournaments on the tour was the first to embrace social media.”


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